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How To Text A Girl: 5 Easy Ways To Flirt Over Text [EXAMPLES]

When I was first going out and meeting women I struggled most with what to say to a girl.

It seemed like after a few minutes of talking my mind would just go blank and I would start feeling nervous and looking for excuses to leave the conversation...

Over time I learned not only how to keep the conversation going but also how to deeply attract the woman you are talking to.

1. Avoid asking too many questions…

After most guys start a conversation with women they immediately start pounding her with questions.

Usually these questions are the standard “get to know her” questions you would ask at a family gathering.

Asking too many questions will not only lose her attention quickly, it blocks her from being fully engaged in the conversation.

By jumping from one questions to another you don't give her the opportunity to expand upon a topic that she is really interested in.

Try this instead:

Anytime you ask her a questions wait and listen to her response, then follow up with a statement related to her answer rather than simply moving on to the next question.

This not only shows that you are listening to her but it allows the conversation to open up into deeper and more intimate topics.

text example 1
By asking a question as shown in the example above, you are able to make a comment expanding on the topic and add a fun bit of small talk in the conversation. This one simple addition will make dramatic changes in you conversation and have you headed for a kiss rather than ghosted text messages.

2. Qualify Her

One a man feels any sort of compatibility with a girl he immediately becomes scared of anything that could break that rapport with her and destroy his chance of continuing the relationship.

So he decides to stay on “safe” topics. This can be counter-productive and usually ends up boring the same girl he is trying to impress.

Try this instead:

Once you sense that you’ve sparked some interest in her, begin qualifying her with questions or statements that will place you in the role of “the selector”

This means that you make a statement that may disqualify her as a potential lover.

text example 2
As you can see by this example, by choosing a safe topic like “pets” you were able to bring an element of sexuality into the mix, and making the statement that “we would never get along” flips her approval seeking switch and gets her seeking your validation…

3. Tease Her

When most men approach a beautiful woman, they put her on a pedestal…

This is a habit that you need to avoid as this belief will make you afraid of offending her.

Getting too caught up in the “perfect thing to say” will cause the conversation to quickly fizzle out.

Woman want a guy that is fun to be around. Although most people enjoy intellectual conversation from time to time, when you are out on a date it’s better to relax, laugh a bit, and have a good time.

Allow her to relax and forget about the everyday stress in her life. The rule of thumb is to keep the conversation playful and fun.

Try this instead:

The whole point of teasing is to create an environment where the girl can loosen up and start to open up with you.

Teasing is basically being silly with a girl, like you would with a little sister or bratty relative.

By picking on her in a fun and flirtatious way you are breaking down her mental barriers that are keeping her from becoming intimate with you.

This means you have to drop the “cool guy” image for a while and have some fun with her…

Here are some examples:

  • Getting ready to give her a high five... then pulling your hand away like you changed your mind
  • Imitating her
  • Suggesting she's coming onto you
  • Tell her an overtly exaggerated lie, then pick on her for being so gullible and believing you

4. Running out of things to talk about

One of the main reasons guys fail with women is that they run out of things to talk about.

This usually happens for two reasons.

First, the conversation stops becomes the guy doesn’t know how to smoothly transition into a new topic.

Second, the guy doesn’t provide enough new “threads” to catch her attention.

Usually, a guy will ask a question and immediately start thinking of what he’s going to say next. This is a big mistake.

Try this instead:

When crafting your sentence in your head, try to include several different topics the girl can grab onto.

For example:

Instead of just saying "I love baseball," which limits the conversation thread to the topic of baseball...

Say, "I love baseball because when I was young my father you used to take me to games, and now that I'm older I feel a real sense of nostalgia towards it."

Now she has a choice of several things to start a conversation, rather than just talking about baseball. When she is talking, you should be listening closely her response so that you can catch the same sort of threads she’s giving you.

You can see how easy it is to transition onto new topics.

5. False Impressions

Most guys have a false impression deeply ingrained in their minds that beautiful and attractive woman don't want to talk to them. This is not the case.

The main reason men fail to communicate effectively with these types of woman is because they let their fear and anxiety block her from seeing their fun side.

The second reason men fail is because they don’t structure the conversation in a way that she can respond and create a deeper conversation and bond.

The biggest reason men fail is because they don't bring out any sort of sexual reaction in her that can escalate things to the next level.

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